This Norwegian trio is spawned from the folk music community around Bærum Spellemanslag. Their musical attachment is therefore strongly rooted in Norwegian traditional music, but is also enriched by other genres.They are also known to mix media in their work, including literature, theatre and dance. VRANG excerts a light and playfull charm through their sound and artistic approach.

VRANG won the ‘open class’ competition during Landskappleiken in 2011, and has played at several festivals the last couple of years, such as: Førdefestivalen, Telemarksfestivalen, Folkelarm, Osafestivalen and Vinterfestivalen in Rauland. All three band members are currently studying at the Norwegian Academy of Music, so this is a set of folk musicians you´ll be hearing a lot more of in the future.


Tuva Færden:
Hardanger fiddle, fiddle, vocal, washboard

Jon Hjellum Brodal:
Hardanger fiddle, fiddle, vocal

Maja Gravermoen Toresen:
Hardanger fiddle, fiddle, vocal, auto-harp.

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