Jon Hjellum Brodal

Born in 1986 and raised in Oslo Jon first met the traditional music through fiddlers who had moved to the city from various parts of Norway. At the age of fourteen he met the hardanger fiddle for the first time, and the fascination for this instrument led him to seek out other musicians around the city to learn playing the traditional style.

Inspired by several masters and other musicians, Jon was eager to find his own style, often through collaboration with other musicians. After completing the bachelor’s degree in folk music at the Norwegian Academy of Music, he now works as a freelance musician. He plays both solo and in a variety of ensembles. As a member of the folk trio Vrang he runs extensive touring, and together with storyteller Anette Sandvaer he explores the instrument’s possibilities of communication with different audiences. As a solo artist Jon received quite some attention after winning his class in the National Folk Music Competition both in 2016 and 2018. Jon is ranked as an “Elite performer” in the traditional style on the hardanger fiddle.

As a musician he is curious, in continuous search for new forms of expression.