This trio combines the strong tradition of storytelling with various sounds from the hardanger fiddle. The aim is to make the instrument and the voice equally important in communicating the story. Inspired by how the old storytellers improvised their performances, the duo always make sure to leave some spaces open for improvisation and interaction with their audience.

Sandvær/Brodal premiered with the production Veslefrikk in 2016, which toured extensively at folk and theater festivals the following summer.

In 2017 They produced Opp fra havet (“Up from the Sea”) together with Riksscenen – The National hub for folk music and folk dance, joining forces with the folk musician and dancer Tuva Færden. With Opp fra havet they have been touring both at festivals, various venues and schools in the following years.

This is Sandvaer/Brodal:

Anette Sandvaer:
storytelling, vocal

Jon Hjellum Brodal:
hardanger fiddle


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